Friye™ was created to offer a complete New World solution for the How-To market. It elegantly gives people step by step audio instructions accompanied by pictures, video and other media - without advertisements. The Friye app works on your smart phone, tablet, or computer through a conversational interface, giving the users hands-free, real-time access to the information they need, when they need it.
Friye also gives anyone who knows how to do something, the means to create an income making Friyes from their special knowledge. This format is brand new and wide open. It is designed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible, allowing just about anyone to be amazingly creative in telling people how to achieve tasks and projects.

Friye Cooks Are Cool - Monetize Your Knowledge Are you a FriyeCook? Friyes™ are created by FriyeCooks™, people just like you, who share their specific knowledge of how to do something through this platform. Friyes can then be sold in the FriyeStore™ to others who need that knowledge, creating income for the FriyeCooks. It is our desire that Friye will allow thousands of people to create an income for themselves by helping millions of people all over the world get the information they need. Be the FriyeCook™ for Your Specific Niche. You can establish yourself as the FriyeCook for your area of expertise. There are literally thousands of specific markets that can be tapped using Friyes:

What the heck is a Friye, Anyway?
Step by Step audio instructions on how-to do complete a specific task or project.
Friyes Can Be Used In Many Ways. We coded the Friye Platform to use simple components and few requirements. Friyes can be created using one, all, or any number of components. For example, one Friye might not need an ingredients list, while another Friye might be only an ingredients list.

A Friye Can Be A Set Of Questions And Answers For A Quiz, Test or Memorization:
A Friye Can Be One Long Guided Step:

A Friye Can Be An Adventure With Many Branches:

The FriyeCooks will be able to make Friyes from the depths of their creativity with the purpose of creating experience for those who choose to use them. We are so excited to see what the world will do with this tool without borders.

Bringing Friye to Market

The Friye marketing plan covers retail and commercial markets. We have commitments for the large funding needed for marketing, contingent on us having our product ready for the public.

The core Friye product is our database of Friyes created by FriyeCooks. FriyeCooks are what we call the people that create the Friyes from their specific knowledge. The Friyes they create are made available to the public through our Friye store using a business model similar to iTunes. Along with marketing the Friye platform with humorous television and web advertisements, FriyeCooks will be marketing their own Friyes. Our Friye Factory will be enticing Celebrities to come forth and create Friyes that spotlight their particular talents. In addition, we believe new celebrities will be created by people who focus on specific markets. For example: Super Joe’s Friyes for working on your Porsche. His biggest seller is “How To Change The Oil In Your 911”.

Friye will be marketing to companies all over the world in three (3) areas.
  • Product Information– How to use, install, or assemble a product. There are many companies who have a “some assembly required” business model. By making Friyes available for how to assemble their products, it can save them tons on their customer service calls. This is also true for electronics companies. Imagine being guided by a patient voice in how to install your new home entertainment system, internet connection or a new sprinkler system.
  • Chain Stores– Friyes can create product consistency in a high turnover environment. Chain stores and restaurants can utilize the Friye platform to maintain regularity in how their employees make their products. By training with Friyes, the company knows that everyone is receiving the exact same information. This training is given to them into their ear as they are doing what they are being taught to do, versus watching a video and then trying to remember what they saw when they are actually doing the job.
  • Manufacturing – Diversity and Control

    Happy Chain Store & Manufacturing Management – By utilizing the Friye platform, management has greater control over the procedures the employees follow to do their jobs. The Friyes can be created by their best employees who can share their techniques to anyone who will have to perform that task in the future. Friye creates a permanent archive of all changes providing documentation of the evolution.

    Happy Chain Store & Manufacturing Employees – By having Friye training and guidance available, employees who are out sick can more easily be substituted. It will be easier for employees to cross-train to expand their skill sets. By using Friyes, good employees can do more diverse jobs giving them a more expanded and rewarding work experience helping them stay longer and feeling more valuable in their company.

    All the employees already own the equipment they need to train with Friye. There is no out-of-pocket expense to the company to use Friye training unless the company decides to provide equipment.


    If I am looking for a job, and I have used Friyes to do things before, and a company advertises they have Friye Training, I feel much more comfortable applying for that job. I have more confidence in my ability to do the job, even if I’ve never done anything like that job before. The company also has more confidence that I can do the job, even though I don’t have any experience doing that kind of job, because I have experience doing Friyes and I'm comfortable following their instructions. HUGE WIN-WIN for everyone.

  • Friye Has Three (3) Major Applications:

    The Friye™ App - The user interface with the public

    The FriyeStore™ - Where people can purchase Friyes

    The FriyeMaker™ - The Friye creation application where FriyeCooks™ create the Friyes

    The Friye App
    This phone/tablet/computer application uses primarily a conversational interface where the user communicates the commands to the application with simple English (or whatever language). When the application hears the word "Friye" it evaluates what comes after it for a command. If the user wants to go to the next step, he will say "Friye Next". Friye also looks for synonyms as well like "Friye start over" is the same as "Friye go back to the beginning".

    The Structure of a Friye is generally step by step instructions. At any time, the FriyeCook can make the Friye ask a question and depending on the answer, decide on what path a Friye might go. For instance: If someone is using a Friye to set up a new Blu-ray player, the Friye might start by asking if they have an HDMI cable or an RCA Cable.The Friye will perform a different set of steps depending on the verbal response.

    Social Responsibility. At the beginning of each Friye there will be positive uplifting message from celebrities and famous figures from around the world. We want to empower people in many ways.

    Are we using AI? Even though the Friye application is conversational, we are not using artificial intelligence. Our proprietary methodology of determining what to ask and how to determine answers is simple, elegant, requires less code to operate, requires less data to be transmitted, and gives the user a more consistent experience.

    The UI is simple and consistent in every Friye, so the Friyer (user) knows what to expect every time they begin a step or project.

    There are many methods in our world for distributing "How-To" information. There are many businesses devoted to gathering and selling this kind of content.

    How can Friye compete with so many competitors?

    YouTube,,, and all the others are not competitors, they are potential (or shall we say eventual) partners. Friye will be another revenue stream for them. Their content providers already did most of the heavy lifting. It is to everyone's advantage for them to make their content available in the Friye format. It makes sense for them to take advantage of the massive marketing Friye has planned.

    Also, Amazon's Echo, Google's Dot, and other AI conversational interface units are expected to interface with the Friye platform to allow our database of information to be available to their users.

    Our business philosophy is such that cooperation is our rule. We expect a whole team within our marketing department devoted to cooperating with other companies who gather, store, or manipulate procedural information.

    Education - Memorization Friyes

    Friye is the most patient instructor and consistent trainer. Our team has discussed many ways the platform can be used in education and we decided to start with assistance in memorization. Friye has the ability to ask a question and then evaluate the answer, and then go different paths depending on the answer. This makes it the perfect “flash card” partner. The Friye Cooks have complete control over what answers are acceptable and can set up a list of synonyms for any answer to be correct.

    This methodology makes Friye a very powerful instructor. Education, training, and testing are wide open fields for us and we believe many industries will utilize its potential. Utilizing the Friye platform for assistance in memorization alone is worth its weight in gold and can generate millions of dollars in revenue per year.

    Friyes for Kids

    We believe it is a powerful thing in our world for kids to begin to utilize Friyes to help them accomplish things completely and correctly. As they learn with Friyes, they gain confidence in what they can accomplish and their minds begin to expand and become more creative. Our FriyeFactory has been given the task of coming up with some awesome Friyes specifically for kids to use. These Friyes can help them gain confidence, self-reliance, self-esteem, and a sense that they can do anything. It has the potential to change the landscape in a child’s development when they accomplish something they had always thought was impossible for them to do. We are expecting we will hear from educational organizations that will also help us come up with more Friyes for our Kids as well.

    We Want to Give Back
    Non-Profits can benefit greatly using Friye. The Friye platform was designed with the priority on how we benefit the world. One way we can help is to give non-profits a way to raise funds for themselves while contributing valuable and relevant information to their supporters. Friyes can be made by the organization and sold to their supporters with 100% of the proceeds from the sales going directly to the non-profit.

    Animal shelters can offer Friyes to owners of adopted animals to help care for their new pets correctly.

    Firefighters can offer Friyes that teach fire safety and emergency protocols.

    Saint Jude's Children's Hospital can create fun Friyes just for kids.

    Boy and Girl Scouts can earn their merit badges being guided by Friyes.

    The Lion's Club who run a recycling program for eyeglasses can create Friyes on how best to take care of your eyes and your eyewear.

    The Red Cross can create Friyes ahead of time for typical services they need help with by volunteers. Volunteers can log into their Friye account and access the Red Cross Friyes available, and provide help to those in need when they are most needed.

    When government agencies and relief organizations have important procedural information to convey to the public, for instance what to do in case of an avalanche, they can offer the Friyes to everyone for free. Utilizing the Friye methodology can help the organization and dissemination of correct emergency procedures to many people simultaneously and instantly. The information will come right into their ear so they can use it in real-time situations. Please let us know in the comments other ideas you have where Friye can give back :0)